Invited to take part in the Bach Symposium 2000 in Zakopane, Poland, Cod.Act attempts to break out of the conventional mould of commemoration and proposes the concept of a rendering of Bach in the shape of active elements, not in the arts but in the environment and in matter.

These elements belong to a harmonic sum, in the same way that natural elements belong to the harmonic sum of the periodic table that Mendeleiev set up and like them, can be a fragment of matter, of the environment.

André Décosterd and Michel Décosterd created machines which capture, process and propel sounds and light as raw material. The performance, almost a laboratory activity, brings five strictly empirical tests into play, creating five optical and musical tableaux.


travail en atelier
traitement du son
traitement du son
traitement du son
traitement de l'image
traitement de l'image
traitement de l'image
performance publique, Zakopane, Pologne
performance publique, Zakopane, Pologne


places of exhibition

- Musée des Beaux-Arts, La Chaux-de-Fonds (CH)
- Audioart, Festival for experimental Music, Cracovie (PL)

- Bach symposium 2000, Théâtre Witkace, Zakopane (PL)
- Eskulap Art Centre, Posnan (PL)
- Artkontakt 02, New Media European Festival, Lublin (PL)

press review

+ Gazeta Wyborcza (pdf)
+ The Impartial (pdf)


- Ville de la Chaux-de-Fonds
- Etat de Neuchâtel
- Loterie Romande